Thursday, May 10, 2012

We may have to prove in court that we can talk to the dead?

Hi Guys,

I found this article a while back, I have to say I can see both sides of the fence. I know (as we all do) that some people would claim to have the gift of seeing spirit or healing people and use and abuse people just to make money out of it, thus giving truly gifted people a bad name. I also know that I have the gift of seeing and hearing spirit and have had plenty of people who want me to answer things before having a full reading with me, to "prove I'm the real deal". Are they wanting to use me?

It takes my time and energy to do a reading and I know no one in business that gives you that for free right? So ask yourself, as you take your car to get a service, would you see who is the best first by looking around? asking for prices? looking at testimonials etc? Once those things are done you would take your car in to the place of your choice and wait for it to be done. Now when it is done, if you were to find something was not fixed or done to your satisfaction, would you take it back? ask for money back? or for it to be fixed again? I know I would!

It is just my opinion that a person of honesty would gladly be willing to help you fix the problem you may have with their service and that is the difference between the "real deal" and a "fake". Feedback is a must! always give your feedback! I ask everyone of my clients to please give me feedback and be honest! This is for me to learn! ie; am I asking the right questions for my client? did I give enough detail? Is there anything I could have done better?

That's just my thoughts on communication and trust between people, as I really feel this is what is comes down to. How do we trust your service? Are you going to give me what I need? right? Or is there the question of scientific evidence? I mean if you are wanting scientific evidence and you are in to really needing that then you wouldn't be seeing a medium or psychic would you?

I know I would prove my gift in court if I had to, but in saying that I also know that I would be honest enough to say sorry if I didn't get it right the first time and offer to try again or to give a refund.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave your comments as I would love to know what others think of this!

Have a good day



Unknown said...

You'd never get it right ANge .. too many peopel out there will always refuse to believe, no matter how spookily correct you are!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

My name is yeni and I have always been fascinated by the topic on mediumship, spirit and how they interact with living people.

I had quite a bit experience in hearing, having some vision in flashes, feel and smell of the dead.

At time can be scary moment but almost you could not run to avoid it but paralised from top to toe.

I lost my dear mother since over 17years ago. she used to visit me in my dream or just simply tapping the glass window to notify me that she was around. Now sadly that she hasn't contacting me in such her usual way.
I was being told by medium in Indonesia, and she apparently kept giving a gesture with her hand on her dress flapping the chest part of her dress to cool down her self franticly, sounded like she was hot or something.

This year my sister told me that our mother visited her dream and giving the same gesture over and over. I am still clueless until these days, please help me understand what she wants.

I really miss her, especially in the time i feel so vulnrable and lost.

Thank you in advance :-))



Ange said...

Hi Yeni,

I am happy to help in anyway I can if you would like to email me at and send a pic of yourself I will see what I get for you. Much love and light to you xx


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